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Highland Park Golf Foundation

Learn more about the foundation and our mission to positively impact the local Highland Hills and greater Cleveland, Ohio community.
The Highland Park Golf Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization whose sole purpose is to protect and promote accessible, diverse, affordable and engaging municipal golf course to positively impact the local Cleveland, Ohio community.

As Clevelanders who have a passion for Highland Park and the game of golf, we will prioritize preserving the legacy of the park and the groups who depend on the accessibility of the course.
Highland Park Golf Course has provided a community gathering place to the Cleveland population for nearly 100 years, which is a legacy we are honored to continue.


1.) To promote and protect an accessible, diverse, affordable and engaging experience at Highland Park Golf Course to positively impact the local community.
2.) To operate, manage, renovate, redevelop and revitalize the 36-hole Highland Park Golf Course and its surrounding landscape; and
3.) To do any and all things necessary or incidental to the foregoing.


Highland Park Golf Foundation believes that municipal golf is integral to providing social and civic experiences to the patrons, employees and all persons who have the opportunity to be around the game of golf.

Our vision is to provide the tools needed to renovate both the Red and Blue golf courses, add a new state of the art driving range and practice facility.


The Highland Park Golf Foundation is committed to ensuring that the Highland Park Golf Course remains prestigious and prosperous yet open and accommodating to the local community. With the members of the Foundation comprised of Clevelanders, we find it paramount to continue and build upon this course’s legacy. Through our partnership with Troon, we have identified many areas that we can expand our presence and create a facility that attracts visitors as well as promotes community involvement.

We anticipate and expect the renovation and construction in these areas will promote community gathering, learning and career development. When we add driving ranges and learning facilities, we will promote and teach the game of golf to those who are learning or want to learn this game. We will focus on engaging our community and holding open and free clinics at these facilities to build an atmosphere that locals enjoy.

The Foundation will continue to promote diversity, equity and inclusion and have made this a pillar of our partnership with Troon. Troon is not only the industry leader in golf management, but they are the industry leader in DE&I initiatives in this space. Our commitment from the start will be a focus on diversity and the hiring and programming at Highland Park Golf Course to reflect as such.

We will also create a focus around sustainability and have created a goal to become Audubon certified in the first five years. Troon has an agronomical and environmental science department that is second to none. We will work with the Troon team to find effective ways to ensure that HPGC is committed to enhancement of our environment for the benefit of future generations.

In summary, the Highland Park Golf Foundation’s plan is wide and all encompassing. We will revitalize this golf course through renovation and enhancement to create a beautiful and well-maintained place that this community can call home.
Learning Center Development Plan
Learning Center Development Plan


To learn more about the foundation, contact us about upcoming projects, or to donate please submit the form below and a member of our team will follow up with you.


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